Summer Flowers

The rose is a prickly flowering shrub. It comes in various colors; red and pink being the most common colors and black and green are the rarest. This beautiful flower can be grown in all seasons. It requires a good amount of sunlight though it prefers a little cool environment.


Hibiscus This one is my favourite. I have about 50 varieties of hibiscus. There are around 200 varieties of hibiscus. These come in different color, shape, and sizes. This plant can also be grown in all seasons but summer is the best season to add this plant into your garden.


Petunia Petunia plant as I always call it as “delicate darling” are most beautiful flower can only be grown in summer or late winter. It has to be kept in full sunlight and it requires very little water. Too much water will kill this plant. This flower also comes in various colors. Plant it in a hanging pot to enhance its beauty.


Dhalia Dhalia again a delicate but most beautiful flower. It requires more care compared to its peers. It is a very delicate plant requires proper support. Sometimes it cannot stand the weight of its own flower. Summer is the best season to see this plant in full bloom. This plant requires a very little amount of water as too much of watering will rot its roots.


Marigold This is a seasonal plant can only be grown in summer. It requires a good amount of sunlight and water. It can be easily grown and requires very little care. It can be grown in any type of soil. Marigold flowers commonly have yellow, orange, and white colors.


Zenia Zenia is also a seasonal flower. It also comes in various varieties and colors. The plant is usually grown from seeds. You can buy zenia seeds or you can buy plants from a nearby nursery. This plant also requires very little care.


Sunflower Sunflower is a big yellow flower with a brown center. As its name says it loves sunlight. It moves in the direction of the sun. You can directly plant its seeds in the garden. These seeds require moist soil for germination.


Cosmos Cosmos are also seasonal flowers. These require a good amount of sunlight and water as Marigold. These come in orange, yellow, white and purple color. Can be easily grown from seeds with very little care.


Periwinkle Periwinkle are small plants only grown in summers. These are propagated through their seeds. It requires full sunlight and little amount of water. Come in varieties of colors white and pinkish purple being the common one.


Gerbera  Gerbera flowers are wildly used for decorative purpose. You must have also seen it in your nearest florist shop. Gerbera flowers have yellow, orange, white, pink or red colors. These plants require proper care. Avoid direct sunlight.


Pansy Pansies are butterfly-shaped flowers come in varieties of colors. These are very small shrubs grow in winter as well as in summer. These plants require very little care.


Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum can be grown in all seasons. It comes in various color, yellow and white being the common color. The white Chrysanthemum also has a medicinal value and is used in many ayurvedic medicines.


Balsam Balsam is a very small shrub with a watery stem. The flower has a red, pink, white, and purple color. These can be grown from seeds. Its seeds are similar to mustard seeds and are easily available in the market.



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